The Carving Consortium
Currently it is necessary to join both the Yahoo CarvingConsortium List and The Carving Consortium Forum to keep current with our communications and ongoing changes.
To Join the Carving Consortium Yahoo group, for discussions of all things "carverly", send an email message to the list owner, Debbie Kiest, at, and include your name and snailmail (street) address along with your email address.  Debbie will forward an invitation to Yahoo for you and you will be contacted within a short time by Yahoo.  If you have additional questions, Debbie will be happy to answer them.
The name of our Yahoo listerv: CarvingConsortium
arrowt Subscribing: To subscribe to the CarvingConsortium list, please send an email message to Debbie Kiest, at and include the email address you will be subscribing with and your name and snailmail (street) address with your request to subscribe to the CarvingConsortium list.
If you have a Yahoo! ID you can then:
Go to: and select your subscription options.
If you don't have a Yahoo! ID or have never joined a Yahoo! list before:
Go to: and on that page it says "Join a Group" and gives you a field below it where you can type the name of the group (without a space). Put: CarvingConsortium in the search field, then click SEARCH, it will take you to a page where you can select your CarvingConsortium subscription options. After you have done that click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
If you are asked to become a member of Yahoo! please go through the required steps.
You will be asked to fill in two fields, one with your email address and the other with your password (make up a password for yourself and keep it where you can find it).
You will not get on the list at that time, but it's likely that within a day or so you'll be approved and start receiving messages from the list automatically.
arrowtSending Messages to the CarvingConsortium List:
To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list, send e-mail to:
arrowtThe CarvingConsortium Archive (available to list members)
arrowtCC Guidelines:
Are Here
Debbie Kiest - list manager's email address:
arrowtUnsubscribing: If you want to unsubscribe from the CarvingConsortium list, send a blank email to:
arrowtTo Change Your List Address : Add your new address to your Yahoo ID. *KEEP* your OLD address in place until you're sure the change is complete (and successful). After your new address has been attached to your Yahoo ID, you will be able to go to "My Groups" Check your lists. You should have a drop down box to switch to the new address. When you are receiving messages at your new address, you can delete the old address. There is no rush. You'll only receive messages at one address.
If you do not have a Yahoo ID, set one up using your old address. Then follow the steps above.
Avoid Duplicate Messages: When you send messages to the listserv please check to be sure you have only one name in the "Send To and/or the Copy" field unless you're wanting to send the message to someone not getting CC listserv mail. This will avoid the problem of people getting duplicates of your message.
Vacations: When you will be away for a duration of time please change your settings to "No Mail" at: It is acceptable to remain subscribed when you are away if you are sure your server can adequately handle the quantity of messages you will receive in your absense. You may choose to communicate with your access provider about this. Do not post messages to the list telling everyone that you will be away. It is considerate to send an email to Linda telling her how long you won't be sending or receiving your mail, so if a problem comes up she'll have some idea what's happening.
If you're having difficulty with any of this please send Linda an e-mail and she may be able to assist
Out of courtesy, if you're unsubscribing and don't plan to be back, please send Debbie and e-mail and explain why, just truthfully and honestly. As a courtesty, I'd just like some feedback on why members unsubscribe.