The Carving Consortium
Rules, Guidelines, etc.

CC RULES, in forum messages
redsquare Debates or Flaming
redsquare Meta-Messages: messages about how the forum functions or is maintained or expressing dissatisfaction with this group.
redsquare Promotional Messages of other groups, communicate with Linda in private email to consider the possibilities.
redsquare Copyright Information (of any kind, no exceptions)
redsquare Copyrighted materials/ texts & images
redsquare Spam
redsquare Urban Legends
redsquare Virus Warnings
redsquare Street Addresses or personal information of other members
redsquare No advertisements, unless you comply with the Ad policy. There is a specific board for advertisement messages at The CC Forum, please adhere to our Ad policy. If you have questions, please ask first.
redsquare No sharing of list or forum information with non-members without persmission of the author. Privacy policy.
redsquare Members addresses used as a mailing list for advertising.
redsquare Long intellectual messages.
redsquare Publication of other members art, online or offline without permission. RAK policy.
For more detailed information, please read additional information below or ask Linda.

The Carving Consortium is designed for sharing of information in the format of dialog. It is not for debate. The purpose of this listserv and the CC Forum has to do with creativity and debate often depletes creativity. Linda will not be a referee and requests that each list member moderates themself. Actions by Linda regarding this will likely be without additional communication and apply to all members and communications involved.
      Debate: to discuss opposing reasons, to argue
      Dialog: interchange and communication of ideas, especially when open or frank, as in seeking mutual understanding or harmony

Here are some thoughts to help define what is allowed in our Carving Consortium communications:
A Difference of Opinion:There is a lot of individuality and difference in how we do our art and live our lives, often that's why we share information to learn from each other. We can have a strong opinion and respect anothers opinion, without an intention to overpower. This is not debate.
Information Exchange:Our members may define and clarify any art topic for informational purposes. This is not debate.
Debate: To discuss opposing reasons, to argue. To fight or take strong a stance with an intention to change or overpower the other person. This is debate:
Personal Attacks: Messages which devalue or challenge another artist personally. The intention in some way says or implies that the other person is not okay, the intention is for the other person to change. This is debate. We value all of our members. Our intentions are important. As a group of artists we value each other's individuality and appeciate each artists contribution to the group. In consideration of each other, let's step forward together.

DISTRACTIONS: DO NOT post detailed messages based on intellectual information. The most obvious topics that this applies to are:
  • Copyrights - this now applies to ALL messages about copyright
  • Spam
  • Urban Legends
  • Virus Warnings (and related information)
Actions by Linda regarding this will likely be without additional communication.
If you want to know more about Copyrights, please go here.
If you want information on Urban Legends, please go here.
SNAILMAIL ADDRESSES: Do not display and/or share other members snailmail addresses in Carving Consortium list messages. Please use discernment regarding sharing your personal snailmail address.
TANS: Some other lists use TAN (off topic messages or tangents) as a subject heading. We don't use these, all of our messages are on topic.
POST YOUR INFORMATION:Do not post any message in Violation of "fair use" of copyrighted materials.
CROSS POSTING DISCOURAGED: Please read this text.
PRIVACY POLICY: The information shared in Carving Consortium list messages is private information shared with and between list members only. It is a requirement to get permission from the author/originator of the message or Linda Berman before sharing list message content with anyone who is not a Carving Consortium member. This policy includes Yahoo! and eScribe archived Carving Consortium messages.
If for any reason the author/originator of the list message is unreachable, Linda Berman will make decisions about sharing message content. Publication rights of these private list messages will not be granted by Linda Berman.

Membership Email and Snailmail (home address) List
I have been asked about the Carving Consortium's group snailmail membership list. The address information I collect from each member is not freely given to others. It is used when there is a need to contact someone who is no longer available on the listserv. It is not shared for advertising purposes.
arrowtPlease do not display and/or share other members snailmail addresses in Carving Consortium list messages. Please use discernment in sharing your personal snailmail address.

FOCUS: Please remember that we focus on the art of Soft Block Carving and Printing with attention to the Creative Process.
SWAPS: You are encouraged to start your own swap and present it in a message to the list. You are the host/hostess and you take on the responsibility, make the decisions and handle the project. Swap Guidelines
CC: ADM - ADM (administration) in the subject line of a list message indicates information from the list manager, please read these. The information in these messages will help you know more about the list, how it functions and provide current list information. Please do not use ADM in your subject line.
Please check out further guidelines on the
nettiquette page.
Additional information on guidelines related to
message handling, advertising policy and RAK policy.
You're welcome to link your website to this Carving Consortium website. Thanks!
Thank you for making this list a supportive, friendly, flame-free group making it more fun for all of us.

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