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arrowtElse Tennessen: Else10@aol.comi love my einstein page. it came out better than i envisioned originally.thank YOU for creating such a wonderful cc list. without you all, i'd be LOST!
arrowtEddy Rountree: scoolmarm@icnt.netI'm so grateful for this list and the people who host swaps, as I just couldn't come up with any ideas to carve. Somehow these swaps have inspired me to "think" carving, because I now have so many ideas floating around in my head that "just must be carved"!
arrowtKandy Lippincott: Boy, am I glad the cc helps me to move where I wanted to be so many years ago. This group of carvers has breathed life back into my carving soul.
arrowtJen Coleman-Reese: ragnarok@erols.comI want to share with you all something incredibly wonderful (and carving-related) that happened yesterday. I got home at 11:30 last night from a very long day at the office and found a huge box waiting for me -- the return address was 'The Fairy Tale Swap'. (If you don't know, I hosted the Fairy Tale Swap in January, February, and yes, even into March!) Inside the box was something truly incredible. The amazing, talented, fantastic people who participated in the swap had all made thank you presents for me! This may sound corny, but I cried when I looked through the box last night. I got hand-made cards, stamps, books, magnets, stickers, pins, supplies, you name it. Each said 'thank you' and was signed by the person who made it, and some had little notes about why they had chosen/made that particular thing. I feel more tears coming on even as I type this. I cannot possibly describe the beauty of these items to you all -- I'm still too overwhelmed. I wasn't expecting anything, and then, out of the blue, comes this package, so thoughfully arranged, so totally wonderful -- I just can't describe how I feel about it and how much it means to me. Just when I think you guys are some of the most talented and artistic people I've ever met, you go and be the _best_ people, too. Thank you, Linda, for making a place where I can meet and share with such people. (And I'm not generally this sentimental - honest! You just bring out the best in me.) Thank you.-Jen
arrowtLaurie Knight: kdesign@mnic.netI just joined the CC at the beginning of March ('98). It's incredible the friendship that I enjoy with the whole gang. They are all such wonderful people! And when you need advice, it's free!
arrowtSuzee Weaver: have always been inspired by the work of artists who have gone before. But this is a real gift to be able to inquire of methods and materials with the artists themselves! A community of artists, such as the Carving Consortium is, has become an invaluable resource for me.
arrowtRusty Clark: rclark@map.comYou're doing a good job with a mostly hands-off policy. The list is still an example of amazing valuable interchange and little to none spam/flames etc.
arrowtRaven: ravenz2@telenet.netThank goodness for the CC ocean where we can throw a message in a bottle to one another and feel a sense of connectedness...
arrowtBeth Kelly: I didn't know how useful I would find the CC, just joined out of curiousity. But my eyes have been opened -- the swap results and individual carver's work posted on eboards, swaps, carving mentor, it has been inspiring.
arrowtJenny Hunter Groat: . . . and you've ruined but enriched my life by making me a total carving-swap addict!
arrowtJane Arnal: JARNAL@POMONA.EDUI want to add my appreciation to all those that have already been given. I especially appreciate the work of those who post things regularly and keep track of things because my efforts to master webpages, email, etc. have been fruitless. For me, the CC list is a group of people, many of whom have never met, who inspire one another, who are kind to one another, and who help one another and get pleasure in doing it. I am so glad to be a part of this and it seems to me that all human endeavor should be structured this way.
arrowtCathy Simpson: (Canada)For me, being part of CC this past year has been a terrific learning experience and has contributed to a major new direction in my artwork. In participating in CC swaps, RAKs, and CMs, I have learned the delights of mail-art and have come to see my work as much less precious, as something to be made for sharing. This has brought a whole new dimension of joy to artmaking for me, for which I thank you. The members of CC are truly the most sane, generous, and creative folk in cyberspace. So, thank you, Linda, for CC--for making it what it is, a place where newbies like me are included with the masters, and where everyone's input is valued. 
arrowtAmanda Briles: paisleyorca@webtv.netYou won't be sorry you hooked up with this bunch. They will inspire you more than you will ever believe. It's amazing the things you learn on this list and when you try joining a swap or get involved in the RAK/RAA list, you'll probably be doomed to create beautiful things for the rest of your life! It sure has been a blessing for me.
arrowtSandy Kavanagh: who would have thought it would grow from the few of us to the size of the group now! As I sign on and off of other e-groups, this continues to be my favorite group for information, inspiration, and, of course, the very best in SWAPS!!!
arrowtCara Dailey: the_wandering_weevil@yahoo.comI'd also like to let you all know that eraser carving has saved my sanity.
arrowtDreamer: hensteethstudio@msn.comi want to express what a gift the list and each and every voice contributing to it has been to me in the year (not quite) since i subscribed. every day when i open my e-mail, you affirm my choice to walk a different path. you educate me. you encourage me. you stretch me into new shapes and dimensions. you challenge me to try harder and do more, more, more.
arrowtDebbie Kiest: drysgoods@aol.comI have been especially touched by the emotional support that is available from this group as personal experiences are shared and insight is offered that really helps me put things in perspective. Even when I don't agree with a viewpoint I know that it is well meant. (And often, after some additional postings on the subject, I come 'round to understanding that viewpoint.) Thanks. This IS a movement, and a high-class one at that!
arrowtSusan Swartz: beadmomsw@swartzfam.comI want to thank everyone on the list for just being here. This list does generate a lot more discussion (and definitely a LOT more on-topic discussion) than any of the other lists I belong to; for that I am extremely grateful. This list and the people on it have been one of the greatest sources of inspiration to me, urging me to stretch myself in art areas in which I had previously been very timid.
arrowtMarie Cafone-Moss: mossmaya@earthlink.netJust know that I love this group and ...well...I just love it and I want to thank you for your leadership...and to thank the group for it's focus on kindness and creativity and freedom to play in art without fear of criticism.
arrowtChris Fitzgerald: chrisfit@swbell.netWhen I joined the Carving Consortium I had carved for several years. I found thatwithin the first six months my skill level and my expectations rocketed. It reallychallenged me to work and improve. I also began to notice how much I looked forward to reading my messages every day. I feel as if I am visiting with old friends when we respond to a Topic of the Week or chew over a problem one of us is having. I find myself telling people how much this group means to me and how it gets the creative juices flowing.
arrowtBette Wappner: When people I come across ask me what kind of art projects I'm working on, I always give credit to my new-found (not so new anymore!) Carving Consortium who brought me out of a shell of frustration to a bright new world of gratifying art of carving! Life is good.
arrowtCarla Cryptic: cjatkins@socrates.berkeley.eduI've definitely found the right group to participate in at last - a place where I fit right in.
arrowtBelle Petty: cardsbybelle@yahoo.comIt is one of the few places I can go to get away from the stess in my life and immerse myself in something I truly love.
arrowtTrish Gerhardt: After cleaning, I put the swap booklets back where I'd found them. They belong in my "safe" place. They reassure me that I am not alone, that I am part of a larger community--where art, ideas, and the emotions from whichthey spring, are treasured, shared, and treasured again. What a blessing. Thank you, everyone.
arrowtPJ Lyons: I love being a part of CC because I spend most of my days working alone. You all have become my "co-workers" -- the people I hang out with on my tea break.
arrowtPatti Bachelder: Feeling musy about CC. I'm really enjoying myself here. I don't write much and I'm not the best carver, but participating in swaps has really made me feel ike part of the group.



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